Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Strange beast on the beach

 The weather was much kinder today and I saw this JCB digger heading for the sea. Had the driver gone mad? Were they going for a paddle or a swim?  But no, they had gone to get a bucket of water to wash part of the sea wall. Now why they would wish to do this I cannot think as the sea covers it at high tide.  They must have a reason; any ideas?
 The Sand Martins are beginning to set up their nesting sites on the cliff. As you see with much noise and clamour. I think it works on a first-come-first-served rule but there was a lot of bickering and almost fighting. The pair, top left, seemed to have booked their place.


Claire said...

Ooh - big yellow digger - can i play??
Perhaps they were checking whether the concrete really is waterproof....? (saves having to wait for high tide...)

Good to see the sand martins back! I have a pair or partridge in the garden. Don't know if they're nesting and can't get a photo because they're quite shy...

Ian said...

Perhaps they need something to do to justify their salary?