Monday, 29 August 2011

The holidays are nearly over....

....The weather has not been that bad this year with many people enjoying the beach. A good year for sandcastles, windbreaks, wet suits and sun cream. I don't walk on the beach that often in August as I find picking my way through the crowds hard work. It is not the people but the crashing kites, the large beach balls, not to mention the frisbees.

The BBQ's go on regardless of the weather, in the true spirit of the British holiday maker, resulting in some strange pictures taken after dark. UFOs are not unknown at this time of year.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Hard work on the North Sea.....

.....not the best surf but they had been trying hard. They appear to paddle around waiting for the right wave, get on it and have a ride. And it is taxing. After an hour or so of fighting the sea these young people have need of a bacon butty.

The other morning was all pink and glowing as the sun got up. We do have lovely sunrises and now they are a little later I do get to see them while I`m drinking my coffee.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

I am feeling very old.......

......I received this road atlas the other day from the AA and was a little shocked. How can I, a mere slip of a thing, have been a member for fifty years, it can't be right. I think I will have to go and lie down with a very large scotch.

Meanwhile on the beach the Horned Poppies are flowering away in all their glory. The little one is in a dry area, as one might expect, and is doing its best after
being nibbled by the rabbits.

This big one is growing in a damp patch and is doing very well
indeed. I did worry a bit as I thought it might rot off as they are plants of dry sandy areas but not this one. It just keeps flowering and forming seed pods.