Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The fishing season has started......

....there will be crabs for tea.

The litter bin has been captured and return to captivity, although the thin rope holding it down does not look strong enough.

More sea art; not really as this is the same piece of metal but it has changed colour. The first time I saw it the surface was very dry this time it was damp. The same object offering different colours, I find interesting.

This little plant is a Coltsfoot which is one of the first flowers to appear on the cliffs. As you can see there are no other plants near the coltsfoot because of slumping, [ a type of cliff fall where the top turf layer slides down the cliff.] At this end of the beach there has been a lot of slumping so we have a lot of bare earth.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

It is very cold out there.....

..... so I have not been down to the beach. The other day, on the other hand, I did get down there and found a piece of "Sea Art". I know it is just a piece of rusty metal but it would look good in a frame. It was, of course ,to big to move.

On my walk I was looking for driftwood, odds and ends, for the fire and thought I had found a nice log. But no, it was a fossil antler or at least a small part of one. It is about 7inches long and quite heavy . It appears to be the end attached to the deer`s head and would have been a very fine set of antlers. He would have lived in Doggerland before the North Sea was formed and must have been very impressive.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Not a sound to be heard....

...what is it about snow that when it falls everything goes very quiet.Even before I had looked through the window I knew it would be a white world. Here by the sea snow is not that common but when it comes it is a rather beautiful sight.

As I write this, a couple of hours after taking the photos, nothing is moving but it IS a Sunday morning.