Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A little winter sun.

Sun on the beach to gladden the heart and make us hopeful for this new year.

Tractors are not know for their swimming skills, paddling yes when launching small boats, but swimming no. Large tyres are not uncommon and have always been a mystery to me till now. I have seen some of the ships working on the windfarm festooned with them using them as fenders. Recycling we like.

This litter bin has been move by the sea and I fear it will never be emptied again as it is too far down the beach for the nice bin men to find it.

The cliffs have been moving quite a bit this winter, nothing major but a lot of small falls.

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Claire said...

Bigbury-on-Sea used to have a gigantic tractor to get people on and off the (tidal) island. It had humungous tyres - far taller than me - but then I was only little when i saw it...