Thursday, 28 October 2010

I have been moon watching.

It is being a hectic week as I dash around doing Festival business during the day. There are many evening events but I am sitting with a glass of wine looking at the moon and being lazy.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Felbrigg mosaic has been done.

It did not rain and the sun shone. The children turned up and fell to the work with enthusiasm while the artists looked on . We all had a lot of fun.

Monday, 18 October 2010

One to make you smile....

Chris is my window cleaner so was happy to share the joke.

I have been working on the Cromer and Sheringham Arts Festival so no time for walking on the beach. The Festival starts on the 23 October and runs to the 31st.

Spot the less-than-deliberate mistake .... for the dyslexic amongst us, this should read Cromer.......

Saturday, 9 October 2010

I am mainly painting stones.......

The Cromer and Sheringham Arts Festival [23-31 of October] is getting rather close and there are still things to do.
The drawing is 8ft by 8ft and is the design for a mosaic which will be made up at Felbrigg Hall, with the help of the artists who are showing in the walled garden. We will be doing this on the 24 October between 12pm-3.30pm so if you are in the area come and join us.

Mosaic design by Sam Robbins

I am painting the gravel as the colours we need don't come naturally in this part of the world. I also would like dry weather to dry the gravel after it has been washed and so I can spray paint it outside. Oh happy days ............. the things we do for art.